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MCFI Schedule

The MCFI delivers monthly seminars and workshops in a blend of in-person and online sessions, as well as biweekly writing salons in New York City.

Fall 2023 — November 14 (in person)

Orientation: Guidelines, Mentoring Committee, Timeline & IDP

  • MCFI overview
  • How to prepare an IDP
  • Identify long- and short-term goals and priorities
  • What does success mean to you?

Fall 2023 — November 17 (in person)

Promotion to Full Professor: A Workshop on Compiling the Tenure Dossier

  • Learn what makes a compelling and discipline-specific promotion packet
  • Writing a promotion statement
  • Review dossier examples

Spring 2024 — January (in person)

Pillar 1: Research, Scholarship and Publishing

  • Resources to locate funding/training opportunities to leverage your work
  • Strategize how to improve scholarly output and dissemination of faculty’s discipline-specific work

Spring 2024 — February (in person)

Pillar 2: Teaching Philosophy in Action for the New Generation of Learners

  • Writing and reshaping your teaching philosophy
  • Modalities of teaching
  • Generative AI in teaching

Spring 2024 — March (online)

Pillar 3: Service, Recognition, Real-World Impact

  • Your impact in the field/community
  • Overview of the role of NYU as an engine of social change and impact

Spring 2024 — April (online)

Having Difficult Conversations

  • Communication strategies with peers and leadership about your career trajectory

Spring 2024 — May (online)

Looking Beyond: Career Advancement and Leadership

  • Identify career advancement opportunities across the faculty lifecycle (e.g. leadership consultancies, research, etc.)