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ECFI Schedule

Eight modules over 18 months

There will be eight modules over 18 months for faculty, and two additional modules for mentors and school leadership. The ECFI also includes monthly mentor meetings (to be arranged by the faculty), didactic presentations, interactive in-person and online meetings with exercises for self-reflection, and small-group teamwork.

Watch the modules video (~5 min)



New Faculty Orientation

Initiates the entry of early career faculty to NYU through exposure to resources and networking opportunities. The New Faculty Orientation (NFO) has two parts. The first component is asynchronous, and includes seven video modules that introduce NYU’s resources and key contacts. The second component is the in-person orientation event, where faculty network with their peers, University leadership, and CFA partners. Organized and attended by staff and collaborators from the Provost’s Office and the CFA, the NFO provides faculty with an overview of scholastic and logistic resources at NYU to help set them on a successful career path.


Module 1: Individual Development Plan — A Roadmap to Tenure

Provide early career faculty with tools to identify short- and long-term goals to be shared with mentors and university leadership. The Individual Development Plan is a living document used to evaluate the success of reaching benchmarks for early career faculty at NYU.


Module 2: Scholarship & Funding Support

Train early career faculty how to best develop, revise, and submit high-quality proposals. Resources for grant development and implementation at NYU will also be covered.


Module 3: Publishing & Portfolio Work

Strategize how to improve scholarly output and dissemination of faculty’s discipline-specific work.


Module 4: Innovative Teaching

Instruct faculty on how to develop a teaching philosophy—both inside and outside the classroom. Coach them to improve their teaching skills and employ strategies beyond traditional methods of teaching.



Module 5: Real-World Impact of Scholarship

Support meaningful contributions to NYU, the field, clinical practice (if applicable), and the wider community. Provide an overview of the role of the university as an engine of social change and impact.


Module 6: Career Advancement & Professional Development

Identify how benchmarks of success change across the faculty lifecycle, and review strategies to achieve success throughout an academic career.


Module 7: Global Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging, Equity, and Access: GIDBEA at NYU

Build connections within NYU, and provide strategies to create a culture of belonging and inclusion.


Module 8: Preparing a Tenure & Promotion Dossier

Learn what makes a compelling and discipline-specific tenure and promotion dossier, and review examples from successful dossiers.


Graduation Reception

Participants who have completed the 18-month ECFI program will be honored at a graduation reception that will be attended by their mentors and key members of CFA and NYU leadership. The graduates will have the opportunity to present highlights from the program and how they’ve applied it to their academic life.

Mentorship Forum

Mentors of ECFI participants are invited to participate in regular discussion forums where they collectively explore methods to support and mentor junior faculty. The Mentorship Forum provides a platform to facilitate an exchange of ideas between mentors on topics such as core mentoring competencies, mentoring readiness, and mentor preparation for navigating common challenges associated with the mentoring process. Mentors are invited to share best practices, challenges, and barriers of mentoring.

Writing Salon

Organized in partnership with the Division of Libraries, the Salon is a faculty writing community at NYU that aims to support faculty’s scholarship and publication goals by prioritizing writing, fostering a culture of accountability, and providing a structure to enhance productivity. Participants in the Writing Salon will meet every two weeks to dedicate time to work on their projects in a productive and supportive environment.

More info on Writing Salon

Other Events

Networking Coffee Hour with Work–Life Office

Getting Tenure: Beyond the CV (for tenure-track faculty)

Anatomy of a Curriculum Vitae

Ask Me Anything: AMA with Dr. Niyati Parekh