Diego Reinero is a doctoral student in social psychology at NYU and a National Science Foundation graduate research fellow. He received his BA from Skidmore College in upstate NY, double majoring in psychology and business. Reinero is broadly interested in empathy and morality. His primary line of research explores what it means when brainwaves synchronize with others’ during social interactions (e.g., a shared experience) and how it might track collective decision making such as teamwork or joint moral judgments. He also studies how attitudes about moral issues develop and change (or remain rigid). In addition to these primary interests, Diego has also done meta-science work on psychology’s “replication crisis”, including the importance of considering context in replications, as well as whether there is a political bias in psychology that affects the robustness of the work. In his free time, Diego loves to play soccer, beatbox, and check out the music and comedy club scenes in NYC.