Rhonda Baylor-Celey

Rhonda Erica Baylor-Celey is an educational psychology PhD candidate at Howard University and an education research analyst with an expertise in testing and assessments. Her research examines the impact of testing on students of color as it relates to access. As a college instructor, education researcher, and data analyst, Rhonda’s research also focuses on higher education completion for students of color. In addition, Rhonda studies the intersectionality of students of color and academic outcomes at Ivy League colleges/universities. Furthermore, she examines the connection between emotions and assessments. A graduate of Harvard University, Rhonda has published in both The Journal of Negro Education and New Directions for Higher Education. She conducts both quantitative and qualitative research studies which contribute to the higher education paradigm and has presented at a number of conferences including the American Association of Public Opinion Researchers. Moreover, she has served as an expert panel member at events such as the Catalyst Network Paying it Forward: HBCU and Ivy-League Experience Panel. She is the recipient of the 2016 Howard University Frederick Douglass Fellowship. Furthermore, Rhonda is an international scholar, as well, and has visited schools in Haiti. She was honored in the 2010 University of Baltimore’s 30 under 30 special magazine edition. Rhonda received a bachelors of business administration from Morgan State University, a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Baltimore, and a master’s degree of higher education from Harvard University.