Sijia Geng is currently a 5th-year PhD candidate in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. Sijia received the MS degree in mathematics from the University of Michigan in April, 2021, and is expected to obtain her PhD degree in December, 2021. Sijia works on power systems dynamics, control and optimization, with a focus on renewable energy resources and multi-energy systems. Sijia’s research addresses critical challenges, including uncertainties, dynamics and stability issues that are arising as renewable distributed energy resources (DERs) are integrated in large scale into power systems. Her research is also seeking to identify potential opportunities for promoting clean energy, particularly for rural area electrification. Sijia’s long-term professional aspiration is to become a faculty member in higher education, working on both theoretical and applied research. Her work will focus on solving fundamental and challenging problems that arise in multidisciplinary fields such as power systems, energy management systems, and control systems. Sijia received the prestigious Barbour Scholarship in 2021, and the Richard F. and Eleanor A. Towner Prize for Distinguished Academic Achievement in 2018.