Candace Sumner-Robinson

Candace Sumner-Robinson is a PhD Candidate in the Sociology of Education program within the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. Her research interests focus on the formation of social identities through academic spaces, social and cultural inequities in education, and the impact of globalization and internationalization on education. She is currently researching the intersectional social identification formation of adolescents through experiential learning opportunities in K-12 and higher education. In addition to a doctoral candidate at NYU, Candace is also the Assistant Dean of Diversity and International Students for the College of Arts and Science and the Director of the Academic Achievement Program at New York University. She assists with developing student programming within CAS and across the university, offering academic and social support for the students she works with and ensuring inclusive spaces for international and historically underrepresented students of NYU. Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, Candace has spent 13 years working for colleges and universities within the mid-Atlantic region. Prior to arriving at NYU, Candace was an Academic Advisor at The New School, George Washington University, and Notre Dame of Maryland University where she later taught courses on student leadership and served as a full-time Admissions Counselor for their Women’s College. Candace received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Criminology from Notre Dame of Maryland University and her Masters of Science in Social Science from Towson University. Candace is the recent recipient of the 2019 NYU Distinguished Administrator award and has presented her scholarly research at the 2019 National Academic Advising Association annual conference.