Hee Eun Kwon is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at University of California San Diego and a Graduate Teaching Consultant at UCSD Engaged Teaching Hub. Her research interests include international migration, culture, race/ethnicity, belonging, gender, and qualitative methods. Kwon’s dissertation focuses on temporary migrants’ stratified sense of belonging in the Gulf, and uses 32 months of ethnographic research to explore cosmopolitanism as a social performance that conceals systems of categorical inequality. She is also passionate about bridging her research with her teaching, and actively implements antiracist teaching pedagogies in her classroom that allows students to connect their lived experiences with sociological inquiry. She received a BA in Social Research and Public Policy from New York University Abu Dhabi. Born in Seoul, South Korea, Kwon grew up in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and has also lived in Abu Dhabi; Paris; New York; and is now based in San Diego. In addition to English, she speaks fluent Korean, French, conversational Arabic, and smatterings of Chinese.