RaiNesha Miller is a doctoral candidate in Counseling Psychology at Oklahoma State University (OSU). She earned her MS in Educational Psychology with a focus in Counseling also from OSU. She completed her undergraduate education at Bowdoin College where she received her BA in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. RaiNesha’s research interests include understanding the impact of possessing multiple marginalized identities on the mental health outcomes of women as well as the utility of social support networks in the psychological adjustment of individuals from underrepresented populations. During her time as the researcher/coordinator of the American Indonesian Exchange Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia (2014-2015), RaiNesha conducted a bilingual study. This study examined the effect of social support networks on classroom outcomes for Indonesian high school students taught by American Fulbright English teaching Assistants (ETA). Additionally, she is also interested in understanding and further developing therapeutic interventions that attend to the therapeutic needs and lived experiences of social minorities. RaiNesha’s dissertation research merges Black Feminist Thought and psychological theories to examine the influence of gendered racism on Black/African American women’s experience and expression of anger and stress. She actively incorporates her research into the work she does locally and internationally as a Minority Mental Health Ambassador, instructor, and doctoral clinical supervisor at OSU, and as a former Fulbright English teaching Assistant (2013-2014) in Indonesia.