Victoria Asbury

Victoria Asbury is a PhD candidate in sociology at Harvard University. She is a cultural sociologist who engages innovative methods to provide empirical knowledge about American identity, racial attitudes, immigration, and US politics. Her work has received recognition and support from various organizations including the American Association for Public Opinion Research, the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University, and the Russell Sage Foundation’s Summer Institute in Computational Social Science. Prior to graduate school, Victoria worked in cable news (MSNBC) where she helped shape thoughtful conversations about inequality and marginalized communities for a national audience. As a booker for the network, she was particularly attuned to issues of diversity and inclusion ensuring that panels included a range of perspectives—intellectually, politically, and with regards to identity and representation. Victoria remains committed to seeking out diverse viewpoints and cultivating inclusive environments where those ideas can flourish and be appreciated by all. Ms. Asbury holds a BA in African & American Studies from Stanford University and MA in Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies from the Stanford Graduate School of Education.