Xia Li is a PhD candidate in Public and Urban Policy at The New School. Her research focuses on educational inequality and the role public policy can play in promoting equity in education for marginalized and underserved groups. Her dissertation examines rural parental attitudes toward the value of education, differences in education policy among cities regarding public school enrollment eligibility and their impacts on educational opportunities and social mobility of rural workers’ children in China. Xia is a recipient of 2019 Equity and Inclusion Fellowship from the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) and 2019-2020 Student Research Award from The New School. During her graduate studies, Xia has worked on multiple research projects on topics ranging from urban-rural integration, urbanization and equalization of basic public service in China to job quality measurement in the U.S. and social reproduction within education. She has gained extensive teaching experience in quantitative research methods and data analysis by serving as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at The New School and an Adjunct Associate for the Applied Analytics program at Columbia University. Currently, Xia is a Teaching Fellow at The New School and an Adjunct Instructor at Fordham University where she teaches Statistics and Statistical Decision Making. Xia holds a BA in Sociology from China Youth University of Political Studies, an MPA from Rutgers University and an MA in Urban Planning and Management from Renmin University of China.